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Welcome to powder paradise Hakuba Japan.  You’ve seen it in all the movies, probably have a few friends talking it up over and over “You have to go Japan”.  Well, we’re going and you should come. 

A unique place, with some of the best powder in the world.  Come and get it… and get it good.

Based out of our own chalet right in town and walking distance to the lifts. Powder Peak accommodates groups of 4 people.  We will spend 4 big days getting after it and experiencing the best that Japan has to offer. 

Just get your butt to Hakuba, from there we’ve got you covered


  • Groups of 4 people
  • 5 Nights accomodation in a private chalet
  • 4 Days of guided backcountry touring
  • Breakfast and all lift tickets provided



Group dynamics and vibe are so key in the backcountry. We excel in connecting the right environment for your ability, personality and interests. Think of us like the backcountry matchmakers; hook it up with the right guide, crew and direction for your experience. We’ve developed a way for you to communicate using your hands. Be honest and use this format to communicate your vibe.

Peace Sign

Experience: You have a day or two out touring with friends but feel new and intimidated with 1) the term “complex terrain” 2) Transitions 3) multi peak day 4) Your outfit
Fitness: Love the outdoors, but wish you could get out more. A full day is fine, but prefer lots of snack breaks
Shredability: Strong intermediate. Can shred at least 85% of inbounds terrain at your local resort.

Shakka Brah

Experience: Completed either an Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 course or been guided backcountry skiing before. Generally proficient and confident with mountain travel. Limited experience in complex terrain, but excited to #exploremore
Fitness: Bring on a big day, but let’s talk the whole way. There’s more to life then panting for air.
Shredability: Advanced. Will shred all terrain and comfortable in changing snow conditions

Devil Horns

Experience: You’ve been out there doing this for years maybe even completed an AST 2. You own an ice axe and aren’t afraid to use it.
Fitness: So you’re fit, and you identify yourself as such. You’re looking for big days and big vert.
Shredability: Humility is good but you can ski any terrain and make it look good.

Air Guitar

Experience: Years of backcountry touring in complex terrain and a credible level of avalanche training. More-than-proficient with technical equipment: ice axe, crampons, roping up on a glacier.
Fitness: You think you can actually hang with Greg Hill?… the guy that ski toured 2 million vertical in a season.
Shredability: Rappel into a couloir or 10,000+ ft days – BRING IT

Peace Sign
Shaka Bra
Devil Horns
Air Guitar

Trip Dates

Jan/Feb 2022




Get yourself to Hakuba. Easy bus or train transport

First Evening

Arrive at the Powder Peak Pad.


Provided every morning

Close Access

9 resorts to access the Japanese Alps

Lift Access

Every day starts with a chairlift to access terrain. Sometimes multi-lifts


Start from the top of lift tour away from the resort

Dinner/ Onsen

Evenings are your vibe. Dinner and onsen options close.

Last Day

Ski a full day, head out on your own after the day.

More Info?

What the FAQ?

A CAPOW Guide (for 2020 it will be Isaac Kamink). Accommodation is included at our private chalet close to downtown Hakuba. We will purchase all lift tickets and transportation by vehicle once you get to Hakuba. We will include breakfasts at the chalet.

Travel to and from Hakuba is not included (but we'll pick you up from the train or bus). We do not include lunch or dinner because that is part of the exploratory process. We're here to guide you through the best parts of Japan and that should be flexible. We do not include backcountry gear including avalanche safety equipment.

This all depends on vibe. We will cater to where the group is at. A softer day would be 500-700m (1500-2000ft) a big day would be 1500-3000m ( 6,000-10,000ft). We do anywhere from 2-5 runs a day.

You might just find a new best friend. Yes, we’re guides, but we’re not going to hold ourselves higher than everyone else. More than anything, we’re mentors. We think safety should be fun, cool and the first priority of the ever-growing community of backcountry enthusiasts. It is our prerogative to communicate from the start to the end of the day. We’re going shredding and we’ll let ya know whats up, there’s a lot to learn from that. If you’re not into this, we’re not into you…the backcountry is our home, passion and arena to bring the best out of you. Lets get deep

Y-E-S. There is inherent risk in the activities we are partaking in. We are exposed to a remote and uncontrolled environment. It is vital to us that you understand what you are getting yourselves into. We use a waiver for you to understand these risks, use this document as a way to communicate to us that you understand. Expect to see a copy upon booking. We will have a fresh waiver for you to sign the first day. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions –

First off, no one is getting left behind. secondly you’re probably faster than you think. We’re here to empower you, and cater to all abilities. CAPOW excels at dynamics, we do everything we can to get like minded people together and make sure you’re in the right trip before we even start. We will give options for those that want to go home early. We tailor to any ability: strong skiers are going to tackle objectives through mentorship, newer skiers are going to differentiate walk-mode from ow-mode.

The Caposse comes with years of experience both traveling in the big mountains and some with filming with the best skiers in the world. Some of our trips will get into big complex terrain given group ability and conditions. We trust that you keep all shredding within your ability and will get into some rad stuff. When you tell us that you want to send big vertical... WE WILL TAKE YOU THERE. If you book with a crew of homies with a diverse ability then we have to cater to the whole group. You cant expect every trip to be super rad, but if conditions and group are solid then prepare to S E N D..

We believe in coaching you on the gear you own. It is a requirement to have all your safety gear to the highest standards and touring equipment in good working order.

Come on, of course you are…encouraged even. Each trip we have a number of splitboarders. Make sure you have any extra bolts or parts specific for your set up.

Through Lifestyle financial. It is custom to each person and trip. Follow this link to start the process.

We understand you’ve had something big come up (changed your millennial mind, you got bad frostbite, your loved one is making you go to your cousin's wedding) but we’ve saved you a spot. We can't just give you your money back. Here are your options // 1) Buy cancelation insurance, this makes it easy for everyone // 2) Excluding your non-refundable deposit, any amounts paid can be refunded or applied as credit at your discretion if you are making the cancelation 60 days or more in advance of the 1stday of the trip. // 3) If you are unable to attend a trip and notify us 14 days or less prior to the start of the trip, CAPOW guiding has the right to keep full payment. 4)If you are unable to attend a trip and are able to fill with a substitute to fill your space, DO THAT!!

Heck yes! We require a non-refundable 25% deposit before Sept 1st anyway to hold your spot. Full payment is due after Sept 1st of the year of trip.

Look no further, you are not our demographic

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