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Here’s the pitch

Helicopter accessed tent based camp deep in the Canadian backcountry.  

We’re looking for a team to take things to the next level.  We need a crew that has a depth of mountain experience and desire to explore somewhere far out.  We want to access a zone where you’ve never been before.  Things are gonna get real, things are gonna get awesome… some might even say things are gonna get IN-TENTS!

Zipper Mouth Creek: We’re not even going to tell you where we’re going to go.

The location will largely depend on conditions, so we’re not going to tell you where it is yet.  You just have to trust us on where we know will be the best.  Our options are vast, but what is constant is a timeframe, group size and camp set up.  We will base all trips near Revelstoke.  Early morning meet up in revy, drive to a staging area and heli access the camp.  

The camp set up is more like a mobile village.  We’ll have different tents for sleeping, cooking and hanging out.  It’s basically as comfortable as it gets for winter camping.

We won’t keep the location constant.  But what will remain is the CAPOW vibe and adventure of opening up new terrain. 

Are you ready to get IN-TENTS?  

**Photos by Mattias Fredriksson 


  • 4 Day / 4 Night InTentsive experience - Basically a tent village set in the mountains
  • Experienced group comfortable with sleeping in a tent in the winter environment
  • Two Guides : 8 Guests
  • One Camp Counsellor
  • Chef and all prepared meals (it'll be good)
  • Personal Sleeping Tents
  • Kitchen Tent
  • Dry everything and hanging out tent
  • Heli access in and out of camp - Based near Revelstoke



Group dynamics and vibe are so key in the backcountry. We excel in connecting the right environment for your ability, personality and interests. Think of us like the backcountry matchmakers; hook it up with the right guide, crew and direction for your experience. We’ve developed a way for you to communicate using your hands. Be honest and use this format to communicate your vibe.

Peace Sign

Experience: You have a day or two out touring with friends but feel new and intimidated with 1) the term “complex terrain” 2) Transitions 3) multi peak day 4) Your outfit
Fitness: Love the outdoors, but wish you could get out more. A full day is fine, but prefer lots of snack breaks
Shredability: Strong intermediate. Can shred at least 85% of inbounds terrain at your local resort.

Shakka Brah

Experience: Completed either an Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 course or been guided backcountry skiing before. Generally proficient and confident with mountain travel. Limited experience in complex terrain, but excited to #exploremore
Fitness: Bring on a big day, but let’s talk the whole way. There’s more to life then panting for air.
Shredability: Advanced. Will shred all terrain and comfortable in changing snow conditions

Devil Horns

Experience: You’ve been out there doing this for years maybe even completed an AST 2. You own an ice axe and aren’t afraid to use it.
Fitness: So you’re fit, and you identify yourself as such. You’re looking for big days and big vert.
Shredability: Humility is good but you can ski any terrain and make it look good.

Air Guitar

Experience: Years of backcountry touring in complex terrain and a credible level of avalanche training. More-than-proficient with technical equipment: ice axe, crampons, roping up on a glacier.
Fitness: You think you can actually hang with Greg Hill?… the guy that ski toured 2 million vertical in a season.
Shredability: Rappel into a couloir or 10,000+ ft days – BRING IT

Peace Sign
Shaka Bra
Devil Horns
Air Guitar

Trip Dates

End of March 2021



Meet in Revelstoke

Early morning, drive to a heli staging area

Heli access camp

Fly in mid morning

Get skiing

Plan to ski, camp will already be set up


Set up your sleeping bag and camp when you arrive back from a full day

Dry Gear - Chill

A woodburning stove and chill zone to warm up and dry off


All meals are home cooked and a chef will be there to prepare

Private sleeping tent

Just bring your own sleeping bag

More Info

What the FAQ?

Guiding, heli access, tent set up and all food and kitchen supplies.

You will need to transport yourself to Revelstoke and be ready early the first morning. You also need all of your own backcountry gear including safety equipment. You need all your own warm clothing AND sleeping bag.

No... but you have to understand that living and sleeping in a tent in the winter environment is more uncomfortable than regular camping. We do everything to make the camp feel comfortable, but everything is more work.

You need your own warm sleeping bag. Also plan for a lot of warm clothing for around camp. Warm pants and a big down jacket are a must. We will provide everything else

This is the whole point! We want it to be an adventure. The location will be based on conditions.

We will have a proper human waste method for our #2's. This will be very similar to an outhouse.

There is no shower. You are living the IN-TENTS lifestyle. A secret weapon is a product called "Outdoor Wipes" similar to Wet Ones

To be efficient with the helicopter we are going to have everything already set up. We need to keep the gear amount to a minimal. Also, we want to see you get shredding... you're there for a short amount of time

Y-E-S. There is inherent risk in the activities we are partaking in. We are exposed to a remote and uncontrolled environment. It is vital to us that you understand what you are getting yourselves into. We use a waiver for you to understand these risks, use this document as a way to communicate to us that you understand. Expect to see a copy upon booking. We will have a fresh waiver for you to sign the first day. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions –

This all depends on vibe. We will cater to where the group is at or the vibe we set for a camp. Length of runs depends on conditions, we’ll focus our attention on skiing the best snow each day. A softer day would be 500-700m (1500-2000ft) a big day would be 1500-3000m ( 6,000-10,000ft). We do anywhere from 2-5 runs a day.

Common, of course you are…encouraged even. Each trip we have a number of splitboarders. Make sure you have any extra bolts or parts specific for your set up.

For emergencies only - Have them contact Jami, our base manager ~ We will have a device to reach the outside world if there was an emergency, there will also be a way to contact us.

YES. Food is a very important part of this trip. If you have a special request let us know! Let us know early and communicate with our chef. You can't decide to change your diet once you’re up there or choose to change your diet because those cinnamon buns look aaaamazing. We have to fly everything up, so if you can't just change because you feel like it. You will fill out a dietary request when you book, we will take it seriously

We are looking for people that are comfortable with living with a little bit of uncomfort. Regarding the actual touring, yes we would like a group that is fit and has backcountry experience... this doesn't mean we HARD AF, but a devil horns to air guitar level

Give us a Holler

Booking requests, inquires, questions, or connections.