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Revelstoke Camps


We call this town home, the mountains are where we roam 

Town based camps hitting up the local scene and mountains.  From Rogers Pass to the Revelstoke backcountry.   

Female Empowderment

Jan 2021

The backcountry world is an intimidating place.  Guys seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be, so ladies; leave your men at home.  We want to create a camp to build confidence in ourselves and our decision making.


Canuck Split Fest

2 Day (Sat/Sun)

Jan 9-10, 2020: We are beyond normal HYPE levels to offer our unique brand of guiding services for the Canuck Split-Fest. Learn how to maximize your time and efficiency where it counts. Guess where it doesn’t count? On your couch right now! OHHHHH / HYYYYPPPEEE


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