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Blanket Glacier Chalet

the unofficial
capow club house

The Schaffer family owned and operated backcountry lodge located in the Monashees – an easy five minute heli buzz from Revelstoke. “The Blanket,” as its regulars call it, is based in the most magical zone in the area: if Dr. Seuss could dream up a ski tenure, this would be it. We call the chalet the “eh-frame,” because Canada, and word play.

Join an organized trip with a fun name, or bring your own crew and book the chalet for a private 4-5 day experience.


4 and 5 Day Trips

4 Day
5 Day

Book the whole Chalet with you and your homies. Group numbers of 12 minimum, 14 max. Our guides with your vibes.


Blanket Young Guns

Dec 19-23 2023

Shrediquette for the punks that need it most: this is a Young Gunz Backcountry and Avalanche Skillz (legal guardians, disregard the use of the letter Z) Camp that teaches the skills, knowledge and respect it takes to make grown-up decisions in a remote, uncontrolled, backcountry playground. Ages 15 -19! Maturity!


Spring Break

April 05-09 2025

If you think you like patio-season in town, you’ve never had spring-season at the Blanket. This camp is based around FOODS – sorry, the spring harvest – and conditions that are poised to take us anywhere. If Capow! were to ever stoop so low to mention something as basic as a bikini body, it would happen on this camp. Calories in, calories out, baby!


Never Show Weakness

Nov 29-Dec 03, 2024

We’re not kidding when we say we’re going shredding. Welcome to the never ending opening day! This camp separates the humans from the beasts. Leave your emotions and vulnerability at home. Never show weakness!


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