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Avalanche Education

Avalanche Education in big mountain terrain

Who says learning has to be boring? We’ve added our own flair to the nationally recognized AST – Avalanche Skills Training courses.  When you tag BL on to the front of AST, you don’t just have Backcountry Learning, you have a BLAST! Our ACMG certified guides apply curriculum in the terrain you want to shred. Small groups, big lines!

With a certified CAPOW Guide apply AST curriculum in the big mountains.  Plan for big days of touring and learn the process of decision making along the way.

Avalanche PROcess Level 1

Jan 31-Feb 03, 2023
Feb 07-10, 2023
Feb 14-17, 2023
Feb 21-24, 2023
Feb 28-Mar 03, 2023
Mar 07-10, 2023
Mar 14-17, 2023

The Professional camp for the unprofessional champ. Learn the PRO-cess of decision making to become a leader in complex decision making. This is an intensive Backcountry and Avalanche Skills training camp geared for people who want the professional level of education but dont work as an avalanche professional... they already have a career.


BL-AST Level 2

Nov 25-29, 2022 - Blanket Glacier Chalet
Dec 03-06, 2022
Dec 08-11, 2022
Dec 12-15, 2022
Dec 16-19, 2022
Jan 03-06, 2023
Jan 10-13, 2023
Jan 17-20, 2023
Jan 24-27, 2023

Self-improvement doesn’t just feel good, it’s a BLAST! You’ve taken an AST level 1, learned a lot about backcountry safety – perhaps even had one or two “trial and error” moments out there. It’s time to take things to the next level. Might as well enjoy yourself while you do so. Live a little!


BL-AST Level 1

Custom trips (Inquire with groups of 4-6)
Nov 26-27, 2022
Dec 03-04, 2022
Dec 10-11, 2022
Dec 17-18, 2022

Set yourself up for success this season (for once in your life). Avalanche Canada’s nationally recognized Avalanche Skills Training Level One is known as the prerequisite for anyone looking to get into the avalanche backcountry environment. This course is based on the most advanced knowledge available to teach the fundamentals of decision making in backcountry avalanche terrain.


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