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The kids are learning, but they’ve still got a ways to go. So we’ve created the ultimate finishing school: four days of hauling water (maybe), sweating up skin tracks, doing dishes (definitely), talking limits, learning lessons and HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER WITHOUT THE INTERNET.

At Blanket Glacier Chalet, ACMG Capow Guides will lead the whole gang through epic Monashee terrain, teaching the kids everything we know about the place and the lessons that you can take away from it. We will add a few surprise top pro skiers who will teach these young padawans how to safely get into the zones that they want to be in. These “adults” know what it’s like to be young and hungry for pow. Now, they want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation and set them up on a path for safety in the backcountry.

This is not a huck-fest. This is a chance to learn the skills, knowledge and respect what it takes to make grown-up decisions in a remote, uncontrolled, backcountry playground (that will forever bring out the little kid in us all). A Capow! education: eliminating the “kids these days” stereotype, one by one.


  • The Ultimate Backcountry Educational Youth Camp
  • Curriculum in Terrain These Young Gunz Seek
  • Ages 15-19
  • 2 ACMG Guides
  • Professional Skier Coaches
  • Targeting Youth That Seek a Lifetime in the Backcountry
  • Parent Consent Required for Entry



Group dynamics and vibe are so key in the backcountry. We excel in connecting the right environment for your ability, personality and interests. Think of us like the backcountry matchmakers; hook it up with the right guide, crew and direction for your experience. We’ve developed a way for you to communicate using your hands. Be honest and use this format to communicate your vibe.

Peace Sign

Experience: You have a day or two out touring with friends but feel new and intimidated with 1) the term “complex terrain” 2) Transitions 3) multi peak day 4) Your outfit
Fitness: Love the outdoors, but wish you could get out more. A full day is fine, but prefer lots of snack breaks
Shredability: Strong intermediate. Can shred at least 85% of inbounds terrain at your local resort.

Shakka Brah

Experience: Completed either an Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 course or been guided backcountry skiing before. Generally proficient and confident with mountain travel. Limited experience in complex terrain, but excited to #exploremore
Fitness: Bring on a big day, but let’s talk the whole way. There’s more to life then panting for air.
Shredability: Advanced. Will shred all terrain and comfortable in changing snow conditions

Devil Horns

Experience: You’ve been out there doing this for years maybe even completed an AST 2. You own an ice axe and aren’t afraid to use it.
Fitness: So you’re fit, and you identify yourself as such. You’re looking for big days and big vert.
Shredability: Humility is good but you can ski any terrain and make it look good.

Air Guitar

Experience: Years of backcountry touring in complex terrain and a credible level of avalanche training. More-than-proficient with technical equipment: ice axe, crampons, roping up on a glacier.
Fitness: You think you can actually hang with Greg Hill?… the guy that ski toured 2 million vertical in a season.
Shredability: Rappel into a couloir or 10,000+ ft days – BRING IT

Peace Sign
Shaka Bra
Devil Horns
Air Guitar

Trip Dates

Dec 19-23 2023

$1798 + taxes


Night before

Arrive in Revelstoke

7:00 am

We meet up in the morning and convoy to the helicopter staging area

8:00 am

Flights in and out of Chalet, you'll have breakfast at the Chalet

9:00 am

Avalanche training

10:00 am

Hit the trail, shred and learn all day

7:00 pm


7:00 am

Breakfast with the backcountry PROcess (Update in Avalanche and Weather Conditions)

8:30 am

Full day of travel/ learning/ backcountry knowledge sharing for 4 days

8:00 am departure day

Please plan to pick up your newly shreducated child from the staging area between 8:15-9:15 am


What the FAQ?

Ages 15-19 years old. We can not accept ages any younger or older

A lot of avalanche education! We will focus on the process of decision making. All students will receive an AST Level 1 certificate. All food including the first morning breakfast.

A positive attitude and willingness to learn. Don’t leave home without it! // You will need to provide your own transport to and from Revelstoke, which includes a 20min drive south of Revy to our staging area. We have a sweet sauna, bring a towel and a swimsuit. You will need all your own ski touring gear and avalanche safety equipment. Gratuity is not included. We do not provide travel and/or cancelation insurance.


Y-E-S. There is inherent risk in the activities we are partaking in. From flying in with a helicopter to backcountry travel. Please take the time to discuss with us if you have any questions. We are exposed to a remote and uncontrolled environment. It is vital to us that you understand what your child is getting into. We use a waiver and parent consent form for you to understand these risks, use this document as a way to communicate to us that you understand. Expect to see a copy upon booking, we require families to sign prior to the trip. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions –

This trip is backcountry educational focused... not a huckfest. It is vital that we trust each participant to keep their skiing in check. We want to set this group up for success with backcountry decision making and will apply this in fun terrain. We will put a lot of trust in skiers to keep in control.

Its simple, we have a zero tolerance policy. If Students are acting out or not listening we will fly them out at the cost covered by the family. You MUST be in your best behaviour at all times.

The morning of the first day.

For emergencies only - Have them contact Sarah, our base manager ~ She will contact us via radio and you can call out with our sat phone. We have our radio on 24/7.

YES. Food is a very important part of this trip. If you have a special request let us know! Let us know early and communicate with our chef. You can't decide to change your diet once you’re up there or choose to change your diet because those cinnamon buns look aaaamazing. We have to fly everything up, so if you can't just change because you feel like it. You will fill out a dietary request when you book, we will take it seriously

Transportation to and from the staging area is up to you. Get yourself to Revelstoke the night before the trip. Kelowna is a 2.5hr drive from the airport and the most reliable. There is a shuttle service, The stoke shuttle with trips daily in the winter season. Calgary and Spokane are also options, just further away. Heli flights out of the Chalet are planned for first thing in the morning on the final day, but weather can delay these flights. Do not plan a mid afternoon flight out of Kelowna for your way home.

All guests sleep in the Chalet. There will be staff member staying in the main chalet in their own rooms to make sure there is no "partying" happening during this trip. This is a backcountry ski trip, NO drugs or alcohol will be tolerated.

Everynight we have the sauna going. We have water on the wood stove that heats up for a shower. Just because our terrain isn’t groomed, doesn’t mean you can't be.

Yes... but don't bring things like laptops? Theres no wifi, and you're not going to get any work done up there!

There is no wifi! Guides have access to snow and avalanche information.

Give us a Holler

Booking requests, inquires, questions, or connections.