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A GUIDING company for people who wouldn’t Traditionally hire a guide 

Mountains are best explored and travelled with friends.  Good times and reliable partners are key.   A guide is not a strict dictator, rather a leader who stimulates an atmosphere of group involvement. The guide knows how to maximize success depending on conditions and group vibe. We combine the feeling of a close friend with a depth of experience and professionalism.  We’ll take you further than you would go on your own.   

If you want to come play in our backyard, let us show you how to maximize your time!

Capow! offers a unique, customizable guiding service.  Our goal is to put together a custom day for you and your group. Whether you’re looking for a one-day adventure or a multi-day tour anywhere in the powder arena, it’s our pleasure to put our energy towards making your ski-dreams a reality.


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