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The backcountry world is an intimidating place.  Guys seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be, so ladies; leave your men at home.  We want to create a camp to build confidence in ourselves and our decision making. We’ve assembled a crew to bring everyone up and empowder us for a future in this world of uncertainty, doubt and intimidation.

Whether you’re new to the backcountry world, or you’ve been following a group around for a while we’re here to empowder your next step.  There will groups for all abilities, so don’t come intimidated.

We get it, we’re here for you.

The Female Empowderment camp aims to bring women together in this one day outing to set their own trends and build confidence in the backcountry.  The main goal will be to create a positive connection to the backcountry environment from the biggest and most bad-ass females in the industry. They’ve all “been there” before and even certified guides and professional skiers had to start somewhere.  There’s so much more to learn from the uncertainties of the backcountry world then powder skiing and uptrack setting. This is a human connection camp, so come prepared to share.

How about learning how to navigate in the backcountry with an adorable/badass crew? Or setting up to smash your first pillow line? Or practicing how to say HELL NO when some boy tries to talk you into pushing to the summit when the weather has changed and you know full well that it’s time to turn around? (this will also come in handy in real life)

We are looking for gals that could use a hand accessing  this world.  Through the CAPOW fund, a fully funded trip mid winter.

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Dec 13-15, 2019

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