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Crossing the line


Feel Good Avalanche Problems 

Marty is a leading professional ski guide from Revelstoke BC. His passion is not only guiding, but providing approachable education to backcountry skiers of all levels so that they are equipped to make the best decisions possible while ski touring. 

The decision-making process for safe backcountry travel can feel daunting, and there is a lot of information available to us that often goes under-utilized. The avoidable mistakes that can cause avalanches usually become clear after the fact, and thus lend us an opportunity to learn from them. Marty will take us through a personal case study that assesses the mistakes and the wins of a particular situation he was in, so that you are set up for success next time you go out. 



Dream Job

Meet Katie. Whether hitting jokes or playing well-managed physical comedy, Katie offers a unique take on storytelling and characters.  A retired influencer, stand-up comedian and filmmaker, Katie has one filter: sarcasm. 

Starring comedian Katie Burrell, Dream Job features Katie doing her best to keep up with three leading industry professionals on a “day in the life.” Leah Evans, professional skier and owner of Girls Do Ski, Christina Lustenberger, Olympic ski racer and big mountain skier, and Diny Harrison, mountain guide, all bring Katie in on what it takes to do what they do. How hard can it be?


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Oct. 9, 2019

$15 in advance


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