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Wanna get super sick this winter?

Nope.  Us Neither 

Pre-ride, Re-ride, FREE-RIDE!

COVID-19 is kind of like that moment where you throw yourself off a cliff and you aren’t totally sure of the landing. You thought about it, planned it, scoped it. Maybe skied up to it a few times. In our minds, we see that squeaky clean, squishy soft landing that results in high-fives and celebratory (socially-distanced) beers. We all know though, that kind of landing might require some mid-air adjustments.

We won’t nail the jump every time. We will likely have to make some changes during the season to keep staff and guests safe at the Blanket Glacier Chalet. There will be challenges, but lot’s of fun too, and we promise to communicative, adaptive and supportive. We ask the same of our guests. Let’s have a great time and do so in a respectful way. GOOD CLEAN FUN!

Our COVID-19 guidelines are based on recommendations from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides’ Covid-19 Recommended Best Practices, The Backcountry Lodge Association of BC and Worksafe BC Covid-19 Management guidance.


Booking Policy Blanket Glacier Chalet 2021/22



Payments are taken in two phases.





We understand that occasionally things come up that prevent our guests from joining us. Therefore please pay careful attention to our cancellation policy.  Remember we’re a small company working to create affordably priced experiences.


NOTE: We strongly encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance that will cover circumstances that would necessitate trip cancellation. 

  1. Blanket Chalet – A non-refundable deposit of $300 for individuals or $3000 for full group bookings required to confirm your booking and reserve your preferred dates.

CAPOW Camps not including accommodation – A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to confirm your booking and reserve your preferred dates.

  1. Full payment of any outstanding balance(s) is due 90 days prior to the first day of your trip.  If we have not received payment for a balance owed on your booking by this time, we reserve the right to withhold all amounts paid and to cancel your booking.
  2. Excluding your non-refundable deposit, any amounts paid can be refunded or applied as credit at your discretion if you are making the cancellation 90 days or more in advance of the first day of the trip.
  3. For individuals unable to make their booked trip.
    1.  If you are unable to make your trip within 90 days of the trip date, find another guest to take your spot.  The replacement individual must be approved by CAPOW and/or the group booked.
    2. If you cannot find another guest to take your place and you would like to transfer to a future date, an additional $300 booking fee will be charged to reserve a later date.
  4. If CAPOW cannot execute a program due to causes outside of our control (earthquake, volcanic eruption, health pandemic, border closure, airline strike, etc), the guest will receive a refund minus the $300 booking fee.
  5. CAPOW Guiding Inc. accepts no responsibility for the actions of persons and/or companies supplying goods and/or services as part of these packages or for any extra costs that may arise from the complication or prolongation of any program for any reason.
  6. The participation of any person on any program is continually subject to the discretion of the program leader and CAPOW Guiding Inc.
  7. Your physician must clear any health problems that may affect your participation in any program. It is imperative that you disclose any medical condition that could put you, your guide or others’ safety at risk.
  8. Any individual who becomes ill due to a virus or is in contact with another infected person within 14 days of the trip date shall not partake in the program.  The individual may transfer to a future date or receive 50% of the trip cost back.  
  9. CAPOW Guiding Inc does not provide refunds for weather or snow stability issues; health-related issues; cancellations due to border crossing problems; personal or family emergencies; illness or injuries. CAPOW Guiding Inc. reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time, and future credits will be given in this situation at our discretion. Under no circumstances is CAPOW Guiding Inc. responsible for the guests’ inconvenience or travel expenses. 
  10. If CAPOW staff is unable to perform the service due to sickness or injury CAPOW Guiding Inc. will work on finding a replacement.  If a replacement is unable to fulfil the trip a credit for a future date or refund will be given.



If an individual either develops symptoms of COVID-19 or is in contact with another individual that does within 14 days of the trip date they must self-isolate and not come on a trip with us. We’re not saying it’s cool to cancel, but global pandemic amirite?!  From these individuals, we expect transparency and clear communication. Firstly, we will look for a replacement to fill the spot that is approved by both the group and CAPOW.  Alternatively, we can refund 50% of the trip cost or transfer the spot to a future date during the operating season.  



Trip cancellation/interruption and medical travel insurance is available for visitors to Canada and Canadians. For your peace of mind, and to avoid any financial hardship that an unexpected cancellation, interruption or medical emergency could cause, we strongly recommend contacting Lifestyle Financial to receive trip insurance details and a quote.




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