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Wanna get super sick this winter?

Nope.  Us Neither 

Pre-ride, Re-ride, FREE-RIDE!

COVID-19 is kind of like that moment where you throw yourself off a cliff and you aren’t totally sure of the landing. You thought about it, planned it, scoped it. Maybe skied up to it a few times. In our minds, we see that squeaky clean, squishy soft landing that results in high-fives and celebratory (socially-distanced) beers. We all know though, that kind of landing might require some mid-air adjustments.

We won’t nail the jump every time. We will likely have to make some changes during the season to keep staff and guests safe at the Blanket Glacier Chalet. There will be challenges, but lot’s of fun too, and we promise to communicative, adaptive and supportive. We ask the same of our guests. Let’s have a great time and do so in a respectful way. GOOD CLEAN FUN!

Our COVID-19 guidelines are based on recommendations from the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides’ Covid-19 Recommended Best Practices, The Backcountry Lodge Association of BC and Worksafe BC Covid-19 Management guidance.



No matter how many precautions we take, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of COVID-19 being transmitted before, during or after a trip. This is due to both the nature of back-country accommodations and the possibility of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. It is important to note that physical distancing cannot be adhered to at all times on our trips that include accommodation.  You need to accept this higher level of risk.  We have guidelines and expect all of our guests and staff to follow them.  We also acknowledge that due to the changing environment these guidelines will change and so will our operations.  We all need to accept that changes will happen.  Looking forward to this winter we want all of our guests to be clear on a number of variables before you decide to book with us:

Bring or join a Pod

Tight Quarters – Blanket Chalet

Current guidelines 







Cancellation Policy Details: The information below outlines our cancellation guidelines, and specifically, how we handle COVID-19. Prior to booking, all guests should read this policy, as well as our COVID-19 Playbook

90 days or more before your trip: You’ve sent the $300 non-refundable deposit. Thanks! If you have to bail, we will give you a refund for anything you have paid additional to the $300 deposit. 

89-15 days before the trip: You’ve sent the $300 non-refundable deposit and all the trip funds have been paid. Thanks! If you have to bail, we’ll give you 50% monies received back, minus the $300.  The best case scenario is finding someone to fill your space as a transfer.  Individuals must be approved with the crew and CAPOW before being transferred.

14-0 days before the trip: You’ve sent the $300 non refundable deposit and all the funds have been paid. Thanks! We are expecting you and have spent this money to set up your trip, so if you have to bail or you cannot make it to Revelstoke, we cannot refund you.  The best case scenario is finding someone to fill your space as a transfer. Individuals must be approved with the crew and CAPOW before being transferred.

COVID-19 Cancellation 14-0 days before your trip: In the event you have been tested positive or have been in contact with a confirmed COVID case, you must self-isolate and cancel your trip. We will refund you 50% of the trip cost if you are sick. If there are other reasons that prevent you from travelling within 14 days and you can’t participate, we cannot refund the trip cost.

Blanket COVID

Waiver 2020/21
Acknowledgment of Risk


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