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Canadian Powder Guiding. based in Revelstoke, BC. 

CAPOW! A certified guiding team since 2012.  Recognized as leaders of a growing community; one that believes in sharing specialized mountain travel knowledge with recreational enthusiasts in an approachable attitude. 

Mom always taught us to spend time with the good kids on the playground. The smart kids, the responsible kids. The ones you trust. Better stay away from those snot-nosed, rule-bending bullies who think 2+2=3. You can do better. And now that the playground has changed, and is an uncontrolled backcountry environment, she couldn’t be more right. Backcountry skiing is the real deal and the environment can be unpredictable. So we need to choose our friends wisely. Your touring partners should motivate and inspire you. Your circle should be educated, supportive, and communicative. Keep it tight. Quality over quantity. Backcountry touring is fun, but it takes years of experience to nail it.

We’re more than a certified backcountry guiding company.  You’re not just hiring a professional, you’re joining a community of mentors. This is teamwork and everyone brings something to this group project. No slackers or downers here.  CAPOW will bring the knowledge, handle the details, and organize the crew. Let us break trail to take you further and find the best lines, so you can make friends and learn along the way. 

When it all comes together, conditions, vibe, and crew, there’s only one word that shines through – CAPOW! 

(you just said that out loud didn’t you?)

Camp Vibe Backcountry

Shred and learn along the way


Blanket Glacier Chalet

The CAPOW clubhouse and backcountry fulfilment center. 4 and 5 Day trips.


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