January 18th -21st, 2018


**for those of you who didn’t get that, “bars” is what rappers say to each other when things rhyme quite nicely.

Take a moment to think about showing off your backyard like in an episode of Cribs. Now imagine Roger’s Pass as your new backyard (for the long weekend). Way more dope. From the Wheeler Hut, your spot is nestled in a deep Selkirk snowpack. A mere 2km from the highway, you can bring what you need to live like a rapper for three nights.

We’ve got the whole hut to ourselves with a gang that calls these mountains their home turf to show you where the goods are. This is an action-packed, but educational (always), trip for any ability (hand gesture). Groups head off each day in different directions with different objectives but end up back at the hut to brag about our days around the fire.

Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself and progress your backcountry and avalanche terrain education, or to have some lolz and pick up some new homies to call touring buddies, this camp is for you. It’s chill, dope, sweet, and the Caposse is like, sup, come hang.

We’re not cool, we just pretend / but we gon’ show you a helluva long weekend.


Cost: $748/person
Included: Three nights accoms at the Wheeler Hut

Ability Level





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