March 28- April 1

 April 5-9

 April 18-22

Blanket Glacier Chalet 

If you think you like patio-season in town, you’ve never had spring-season at the Blanket.

Spring: that magical time of year when you start to feel like you actually have temperature regulation dialed. This camp is based around food – sorry, Easter – and conditions that are poised to take us anywhere. We’ll probably do something super rad, very casually, like the lines off Death Gnar that we’ve been looking at all season, then put your skins back on in slo-mo like it was no big deal you just skied the line of your life.

We provide home cooked meals, coaching in the field, guiding by Silas and photos by Zoya to capture the whole damn thing. Marty ‘s first Easter at the Blanket was spent skiing around inside his mother’s belly, so he will be gesturing frantically at all the spots he wants to take the group. Bless his heart.

It takes a solid dynamic to succeed in an efficient harvest. We’ve assembled the best and now we’re looking at you and what you bring to the table. Sometimes it’s just handing someone that extra layer they didn’t think they would need (life-long friendship ensues).

Cost: $1496/person
Included: EVERYTHING – Heli flights, Begbie Beer, breakfast the first day, accoms, all food, guiding/coaching, and UNLIMITED fist bumps high fives and chest bumps.

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