Knuckles tattoo: IMLO CAL
Certs: ACMG Ski Guide, CAA Professional Member, Resource Conservation Technologist – Forest Management Focus
Sponsors: K2 Skis, TREW, BCA

Growing up Nelson, BC, Silas has a deep connection to the mountains. Silas’ childhood backcountry education involved following his older brothers around – in other words, he learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Now, the Operations Manager at Capow! Silas has a multi-tiered vision for backcountry recreation. He aims to raise the level of safety in the backcountry through the delivery of an accessible curriculum that lends itself to the generalist, as well as to encourage the development of knowledge through the respect and understanding of the mountains. Also, having a good attitude. He is pretty steadfast on that one.

Although a younger brother at heart, Silas is the big brother of Capow! His guiding style is playful and fun, in a keep-up-but-I’ll-still-wait-for-you kind of way. He encourages those under his leadership to develop their skills by making mistakes and accepting the humility in the experience (you will laugh with, not at one another). Silas is known for his ability to make the learning curve enjoyable and to ensure that the process is tailored to the individual taking their skills to their highest possible standard. He rolls his eyes at the fact that everybody has a crush on him, but he also accepts that we all have *teachers* in this life.


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