You want to come into our backyard, let us show you the best way to maximize it.

Capow! offers a unique, customizable guiding service. If you want to come play in our backyard, let us show you how to maximize your time in it! Our goal is to put together a custom day for you and your group. Whether you’re looking for a one-day adventure or a multi-day tour anywhere in the powder arena, it’s our pleasure to put our energy towards making your ski-dreams a reality.

What do you want to Shred?

We cater to every ability, and can guarantee that your time with us will be sweet (how the kids use it). If you’re fit and DTS (down-to-shred), we can sort a big day out: hit some bigger lines, crush a couple of laps. If you’re a little huffy-puffy, tight hip-flexor-y (be honest), ALL GOOD, we’ll take it at a human pace in mellow trees or chill slack-country. We aren’t here to judge. We’re here to get to know each other.

We recommend booking our guiding service with a crew of your favourite ski buds. This will cut costs, allow you to fire it up together, and bottom line, have more hands to high five.

Rogers Pass

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Slackcountry

Lake Louise

Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia

Blanket Glacier Chalet

Heli Drops

Cat Drops

Our Ratio

The best things in life cost about this much

We’re all about small group numbers. If you have more than six, let us hook up another guide!

# of Guests Price Per Person
1 $548
2 $298
3 $248
4 $198
5 $175
6 $148
7+ $148

After 4 days or more for large group bookings
$700/day for guide

Mountain Bound

We’re the local backcountry knowledge.
Let us put together the trip you’re dreaming of. Give us a shout and we’ll hook you up with the right guide for the area and experience you’re looking for.


Guide + You and Crew

From single to multi-day anywhere in the Canadian Mountains
Rogers Pass
Lake Louise


Lift Access Guide + Lift Pass

Maximize the up and at em!
Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Kicking Horse
Lake Louise
Sunshine Village

Heli-Bump It

Guide + Heli

Helicopter access to the goods. Drop off deep, pick up weak.
 Minimum 3 people

Backcountry Lodges

Guide + Lodge

The ultimate experience. Base yourself in the mountains with touring right out the back door.
Book a lodge, bring the Caposse!OR
Groups of 10-12: let’s find the right lodge for your crew!

What Ability Level are You!?

If you’re coming to hang in our backyard, we want to make sure you see the best of it. In order to do so, we’ve got to get to know you better so that we can maximize our time together. Whether you’re rolling solo, coming as a group or checking out a camp, pick the description that best describes your ability so that we can get a vibe for your scene and get you into a zone that suits you.


You’re physically fit – some might even call you an athlete – but you’re new to the world of backcountry travel. You want to start putting some numbers on the board: full days of touring to build experience and gain confidence. Black diamond inbounds terrain is your bread and butter.


You’ve taken an AST 1 course and/or have been guided in the backcountry before by a) your mom/dad b) your friend or c) a guide (sweet, if all three characteristics describe one person). You are proficient and capable with mountain travel, IE: you know that a kick turn is not just a dance move. However, you have limited experience in complex big mountain terrain, but are starting to shake that shaka bra wrist a little faster, ready for full days of adventures to start. Any inbounds terrain, any snow conditions, you’re handling it (like a boss).


So, you’re fit, and you identify as such. You’re looking for a faster pace and more vertical on your days of ski touring. You own the gear, the equipment, and you’ve got…dun dun dun…TECH BINDINGS. Ice axes, crampons, roping up on a glacier, you know what’s going on – but you’re not sure if you should call yourself a “pro.” Humility is good, but you can ski any terrain, and make it look good.


You’ve got years of backcountry touring in complex terrain under your belt, and when it’s time to get out there, there’s no time to waste. You’re here to send it and you want to know where and how (there is a sense of urgency here, but you’re smart enough to know that you still have to listen to and respect conditions). You can rappel into couloirs and put in 10,000+ ft days – why? More dangle, the higher the angle. You have a credible level of avalanche training (or equivalent number of years of mountain travel) and are more-than-proficient with technical equipment: ice axe, crampons, roping up on a glacier.


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