Mountain Education Geared for Advanced Backcountry Learning with Avalanche Skills Training

March 17-24, 2018

Blanket Glacier Chalet

Think that’s a mouthful? CHALLENGE YOURSELF

MEGA BL-AST is an intensive Backcountry and Avalanche Skills training course, so call it want you want: an AST 3 or a Professional Operational Level 1 for the Recreationalist. This is original Capow! curriculum, and because we created it, we call it whatever we want.  Oh ya….and its a really good time.

This is the week that Marty and Silas will give you everything they’ve got. We understand that not everyone wants to work as a professional in the Avalanche industry, but are still looking for professional decision-making, communication and terrain movement skills. The curriculum is intensive, mirroring the CAA professional Operations Level 1. In other words, days are spent accessing the best possible shredding. However, the focus will be on learning the steps it takes to get there.

Not the blind leading the blind, this course will cover the where, how and why analysis of snowpack, its observation and recording, and how it relates to decision-making. “Over-a-cold-one(s)” evening sessions, we will build on the day’s curriculum, with the intention of developing personal decision-making and thought analyzing frameworks to take forward as a leader. We will cover professional level AM/PM meetings, discuss comprehensive avalanche theory, and relate from our previous experiences through case studies.

We will be based out of Blanket Glacier Chalet near Revelstoke, BC – perhaps somewhere you’ve never been before (which sets you up to learn more). Avalanche terrain is out the front door, so decisions start right away and keep happening all day. Class size will be 10 students total, breaking into two groups each day to give the full opportunity for small group learning. The goal is to drop us into terrain we have no previous experience with, as there is a lot to learn about making decisions when hitting terrain like this. It will be up to us as a group to decide where to go and what to do. Expect to set the up-track and get coached along the way.

All meals are provided, giving you the time and energy required to focus solely on maximizing your studies and learning experience. Just like Hogwarts.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to backcountry and avalanche terrain decision-making and movement – but this is a course to expedite that learning and experience process. We’ve got high expectations for the course, and we have the same expectations for those that sign up. We’re looking for physically fit students with previous touring experience. An AST 2 or summary of equivalent experience is required.

Our focus is education, but – this may come as a real shock – our ultimate goal is a good time. After all, that’s why we’re all here in the first place. We’re going touring and we’re going to have fun. Some might even say a…MEGA BLAST! (You might be sick of yelling this by the end of the course.)

Cost: $2598/person


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