Your point-person at Capow! Jami is the (wink and) gun of the operation. She is one of those “I don’t know how she does it” types, keeping our squad of guides and skiers closer to professional than goon.  Jami calls the Caposse her best touring buddies, and gets right after it.  She’s our team manager and will hook up your crew with the right guide.  Don’t call her, she’s probably out of cell coverage for a couple hours!  Know that she’s the fastest to respond and hook things up then anyone.

Jami’s life is built around accessing her passions and making sure she can help as many people do the same. From flying a helicopter to building a house, the woman has done it all. If there’s anyone you want on your team, it’s Jami. Trust us, from bookings to dietary needs, she runs the whole damn show. Getting to know her is the first step in getting to know yourself.

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