Jan 20-22, 2017

Empowering the future

There is a crucial moment in every teenage girl’s personal development that has very little to do with  an awkward conversation with her mom, crop-tops, and/or her crush. We’re referring to the moment when young girls begin to understand what self-confidence truly is (although these lessons will continue to reappear, especially in her twenties – a challenging decade).

The discovery of self-confidence doesn’t have to be touchy-feely. It is certainly not found in the pages of Teen Vogue or anywhere on social media. It does not come from the outside – although the outdoors can be an environment in which powerful lessons can integrate themselves into the makeup of a young woman. As in, real makeup: powerful legs, strong lungs and one hell of a decision-making brain.

How about learning how to navigate in the backcountry with your adorable/badass crew of shred puppies? Or setting up to smash your first pillow line? Or practicing how to say HELL NO when some boy tries to talk you into pushing to the summit when the weather has changed and you know full well that it’s time to turn around? (this will also come in handy in your twenties)

The Female Empowderment camp aims to bring powerful girls together to set their own trends and build confidence in the backcountry. There will be shredding involved, but the main goal will be to get the know-how at a young age on how to handle the special experience that being a ” backcountry skier chick” truly is.

With Izzy Lynch, professional skier and life crusher, Kate Devine, lifelong backcountry skier and ACMG Certified Ski Guide, teen girls now have the opportunity to learn the basics of the shreducation curriculum that Capow! offers, in a camp tailored specifically to their needs (feelings very much allowed).  This camp focuses on giving young girls the tools to  build confidence, make decisions, communicate fearlessly and speak up when they’re skiing in the backcountry – as well as when they’re living life.

In other words, this camp is a whole new way to scare your mother – without the lower back tattoo.

Ages: 15+ UP


Registration fee is covered through the Capow Fund.
(lift tickets to Revelstoke Mountain Resort not included)
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