Knuckles tattoo: $$$$ $$$$
Certs: ACMG Ski Guide, 2 Mill Hill: ski touring wizard.
Sponsors: Salomon, Arc’Teryx

Greg knows how to push himself and others to their highest potential: especially when doing something that you don’t really know how you got talked into doing in the first place: like ski touring inhumanly far. Or skiing something that makes your knees a little weak. Or getting a perm. Greg has skied all over the world and has graced the pages of Men’s Health, Kootenay Mountain Culture and most importantly, Reved (small town newspaper shout out). Perhaps a bit of a glutton for punishment, Greg will take your skiing to the next level in a “learn-as-you-go” kind of way. He is most famously known for his fantastic customer service skills. We don’t get why people don’t make a bigger deal about the fact that he skied two million vertical feet in a season and then 100 vertical kilometers in a month.


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