October 21st – 23rd, 2016


Can You Feel it?

It took a comprehensive team of 40 experienced mountaineers to publish the go to textbook for everything mountaineering, “Freedom of the Hills.”  You’ve spent countless hours trying to understand and practice the skills and techniques found in the text book.   We figured it was time to assemble our team of 6 from the #Caposse for the first camp of the year, based off the hard skills found in the book and applied to your style of shredding.  Oct 21-23 is the time to brush off the summer dust and really get hands on ready for the winter; review technical systems, discover new ones, get educated on the latest techniques in the mountain world, debrief last season and share experiences (to learn from them, like your mom suggests).

The first Capow! camp of the season is where shredders will get together with professionals for the best prep course out there to get set up for a big year. This is the get together, to get it, before we all get after it. Got it? But let’s not waste anyone’s time. This will be lead by top professionals in the big mountain and avalanche world, teaching the techniques for you to get after it smartly and safely.Top professionals in the big mountain and avalanche world will lead the course and teach you the techniques to get after it smatly and safely. It’s all going down in an environment that will be catered to your level, so that however you want to progress your skills, you can. The Caposse! will be there to answer your questions and demonstrate the way to do it right. Because Capow! serves you right. Remember? Based out of the rustic Rampart Hostel near the Columbia Ice fields, the scene will be comparable to a remote backcountry lodge.

Base Cost: $498.00
Included: 2 nights stay at Rampart Hostel, all guiding and instruction, evening sessions, positive vibes
Not Included: Travel, food, sleeping bag, all outdoor gear Start: 5pm Friday Oct. 23, 2015 Finish: 5pm Sunday Oct. 25, 2015


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