We’ve already been called sexist, so we’ll just open this bio with the worst thing to do ever: comment on how beautiful of a smile this girl has. OOPS, sorry, gender rule book. Emelie’s smile is HEAVEN, and can’t always play by the rules, because, from a legal standpoint, if we have guests show up and faint because of how in love with this woman they are, simply because every time she turns around to smilingly let you know where you’re headed next, time stands still and your heart turns to molasses and you’re fuzzy in the way that typically only your boot warmers can make you feel and someone may have put something in the brownies, well then, we’ve got bigger problems. Bottom line, Emily will make you feel safe. Safe, and vulnerable. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you skiing with Emelie. *ahem*


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