To improve the accessibility of affordable backcountry shreducation for as many skiers and snowboarders as possible.


A community of backcountry shredders that have access to the support they need to get rad and stay safe.


Communication (careful voices), Safety (outside of the comfort zone), Education (without the lectures), Experience (life), Fun (lol)



Unbounded Avalanche Education


Traditionally, backcountry education has not been accessible to everyone who needs it.

Enter, stage right: The Capow Fund.

We have all been in a delicate place in our lives where we are in need of mentorship. Invaluable lessons and answers to some of life’s most annoying questions await us in the mountains; in our experience, the amazing sport of ski touring has allowed us to access (some of) them.

Our team has been lucky to have incredible support along the way (you could call it a journey, but we aren’t going to shove that word down your throat). As a result, we believe that hands-on learning with someone that is more experienced than you is the best way to get your head on straight about safety in the backcountry (think: Rafiki and Simba’s relationship).

Directed by some of the best snow professionals in the industry: Greg Hill, Kevin Hjertaas, Eric Hjorleifson, Izzy Lynch, Silas Patterson, Chris Rubens and Marty Schaffer, this program has been created to bring some serious heart to the sport that has shown us so much love.

Through fundraising and sponsorship, the Capow Fund will be used to grant scholarships to those who need financial assistance for backcountry education, as well as provide subsidized education opportunities (Fun-Ed) to make learning about safety in the backcountry more accessible to all.

This means that you don’t have to become a guide to make the world a better place. Wink and gun.


In the backcountry, we rely on each other. From training to gear, your crew needs to be dialed. Do you have a homie that could use a little help from their friends so that he/she could be “a little more reliable”? The Capow team has seen it all, and wants to create an opportunity to raise the level of your entire touring group – by sorting out the guy/gal that needs it the most.

Here’s the deal: we want to hear the story. Top to bottom, whats the missing link that this character is in need of? Is their gear a liability/what’s their excuse for not taking an AST 1 or 2? Do they need some support for their first professional level course? Do most people think they an irretrievably lost cause? Whatever the story is – tell us. We have financial contributions and Backcountry Access kits for those cases who need it the most.

As a rule, we don’t support unpreparedness. Call the submissions process one part charity, one part public shaming. We look forward to reading them, and will probably have to post the best ones online.

Justin Francis

Youth Scholarship


Ages 15-19

Empowering the future

Justin was one of our closest friends.

He was an influential skier, husband, friend and father.  Growing up in the Rockies he was well known in the area as one of the most talented skiers.  He valued time coaching up and coming shredders and family… so this is our initiative to support just that.  Seems perfect right?

We want to give away a spot for the first camp of the year.  Nov 21-25 at the Blanket Glacier Chalet 

Help us find someone that totally deserves this.  Nominate yourself or a homie.

The best nomination will be notified Oct. 13 at Freshtival.

**Parents consent required to win**


Empowering the future

What was that? You want to donate? Was it something we said? You’re too kind.


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