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Beyond experience, certification and passion, Capow! guides are leaders of a growing community: a community that believes in sharing specialized mountain travel knowledge with recreational enthusiasts. There is an inherent danger in “figuring it out with your friends” and Capow! guides are professionals that teach the effective use of backcountry equipment, efficient travel and safe decision-making in the elements.

Capow! guides bring their own positive energy and all-round good vibes to address and tackle the uncertainties and hazards that present themselves in remote backcountry settings. They know safe mountain travel is “cool” and create an atmosphere that allows people of all ages to share their knowledge and experience with each other. A Capow! guide’s approach is more than “I lead, you follow”; instead, they engage their clients so that they are set up for success when they go out on their own. Capow! guides want to help strong skiers tackle their objectives in the terrain that they really want to ski: big lines, pillows, steep trees, technical zones. Ultimately, Capow! guides are good at sharing: you’re headed out into their backyard and they want you to know how to do it safely.
The Caposse! is a fired up gang of shredders that loves to explore the mountains. They have two very important things:

1. personality
2. your back

Structuring themselves to think and act like a team, the Caposse! all have loose roles that they play to ensure solidarity and efficiency. This is obviously all made up, and realistically, the Caposse! are just a bunch of buds who became industry pros and teamed up to get you and your planks out there with them and theirs.


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