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Camp Checklist

  • A strong desire for educational backcountry touring.

  • A tiny curiosity about what it might be like to ski with a member of the Caposse!

  • Ability. Literally, any ability.

  • Boys to Men: be realistic with your experience. No cool attitudes.

  • Girls to Women: you’re not holding anyone up. Stop apologizing. Chances are you’ll be fitter and faster than the overcompensating bad hombres.

Note: Capow! is against gender bias (somewhat) and is LGBTQ-friendly.

If you’ve made it this far in the list, you want in. Get in touch with us already

Camp vibes

Our camps are what set us apart from other guiding outfits. If you’re looking to gain experience, build awareness and acquire a new ski family to maximize your time in the backcountry with, you’ve come to the right place. Prioritizing SAFETY and FUN, Capow! camps teach the fundamentals of moving respectfully through the mountains: your takeaway is the development of independent decision-making skills (can’t hold your hand forever, but will if you ask nicely). Each camp offers a different focus, so whether you want to go fast and pound vert or mellow it out and tell jokes on the skin track, there’s something for everybody.

The Capow! team of guides and professional skiers have all “been there” (read: sliding backwards down an up-track) and that empathy for the learning curve is the basis of our program. Our team will ensure that you will learn-as-you-go and do a whole bunch of skiing. By cutting the cool-guy attitude (see: Whistler/Blackcomb) Capow! aims to provide a place for like-minded people (read: chill skier friends). Our community vibe is built on the incredible people that ski with us, so round up your best buds or roll solo, and join in the fun. Leave with the understanding of how to make informed decisions in the backcountry, improved knowledge and confidence in complicated terrain, and a shit-eating grin on your face.

Shred Camps

Want to decide where to shred and then shred it? Boom. We want you to learn the steps to get to the goods while having the most possible fun. Capow! offers Shred Camps all season long, as well as customizable camp options for any vibe or ability. If you want a coach for your downhill game, let us hook you up with the FPW (Full Package Win). Significantly easier to put together than IKEA furniture, these camps are our go-to option.

Never Show Weakness

Nov 24-29 // Dec 3rd – 7th, 2018

Blanket Glacier Chalet

We’re not kidding when we say we’re going shredding. Welcome to the never ending opening day! Bring your headlamp, expect to use it. This camp separates the humans from the beasts. Leave your emotions and vulnerability at home. Never show weakness!

Pillow Talk

December 15th – 19th, 2018 // Jan 2-6, 2019 

Blanket Glacier Chalet

Because there is more to do on pillows then just talk. Ladies, tell the ball n’ chain to go find himself, you’re Lead Guide on this camp. Oh, who are we kidding? You’re always Lead Guide. Let’s get comfortable with ourselves! Let’s get intimate with each other!

*This is not a swingers’ camp.

How To Be A Young Person That Older People Respect

November 21-25, 2018

Blanket Glacier Chalet

Shrediquette for the punks that need it most: this is a Young Gunz Backcountry and Avalanche Skillz (legal guardians, disregard the use of the letter Z) Camp that teaches the skills, knowledge and respect it takes to make grown-up decisions in a remote, uncontrolled, backcountry playground. Ages 15 and up! Maturity!

Wheeler Squealer


Wheeler Hut – Rogers Pass

This is an educational, action-packed trip for any hand gesture (ability). We’ve got the whole hut to ourselves with a gang that calls this zone their home turf. Learn the pass, how to move through it and how to read conditions to find the best possible shredding! Squealing is for grown-ass adults too!

Lickety Split Rogers Pass

January 11-13, 2019

Split Fest Revelstoke/Rogers Pass

We are beyond normal HYPE levels to offer our unique brand of guiding services for the Canuck Split-Fest this year.  This is the Caposse’s backyard, so come learn how to maximize your time and efficiency where it counts. Guess where it doesn’t count? On your couch right now! OHHHHH / HYYYYPPPEEE

*Unlimited fist bumps included.

Spring Harvest

2019 ~

March 9-14 // March 26-30 // March 30 – April 3 // April 3-7

Blanket Glacier Chalet 

If you think you like patio-season in town, you’ve never had spring-season at the Blanket. This camp is based around FOODS – sorry, the spring harvest – and conditions that are poised to take us anywhere. If Capow! were to ever stoop so low to mention something as basic as a bikini body, it would happen on this camp. Calories in, calories out, baby!

BL-AST Camps

Who says learning has to be boring? We’ve added our own flair to the nationally recognized AST – Avalanche Skills Training courses.  When you tag BL on to the front of AST, you don’t just have Backcountry Learning, you have a BLAST! Our ACMG certified guides apply curriculum in the terrain you want to shred. Small groups, big lines!

BL-AST Level One

Nov 23-25, 2018 // Dec 28-30, 2018

Revelstoke, BC

Set yourself up for success this season (for once in your life). Avalanche Canada’s nationally recognized Avalanche Skills Training Level One is known as the prerequisite for anyone looking to get into the avalanche backcountry environment. This course is based on the most advanced knowledge available to teach the fundamentals of decision making in backcountry avalanche terrain.

BL-AST Level Two

Nov 29- DEC 2 // DEC 14-17 // DEC 20-23, 2018 // JAN 4-7, 2019

Revelstoke, BC

Self-improvement doesn’t just feel good, it’s a BLAST! You’ve taken an AST level 1, learned a lot about backcountry safety – perhaps even had one or two “trial and error” moments out there. It’s time to take things to the next level. Might as well enjoy yourself while you do so. Live a little!




Mountain Education Geared for Advanced Backcountry Learning and Avalanche Skills Training. Think that’s a mouthful? Challenge yourself!  This camp is an intensive Backcountry and Avalanche Skills training course, so call it want you want: an AST 3 geared for the recreationalist that wants to be a leader in decision making


Big Mountain Camps

Don’t hunt big game, hunt big mountains! We want to teach you the skill set that will allow you to get after them on your own. These camps focus on the technical side of mountain travel, from roping up on a glacier to practicing crevasse rescue techniques. Also, decision-making (mostly regarding snacks).

How to Hook Up with Your Friends

April 16-20, 2019 – Blanket Glacier Chalet

We might not know much about – ahem, “hooking up” with your friends, but we can definitely get you hooked up safely to get into sweet terrain to SKI with your friends. Learn the ropes of going up, down, and across to the places you’ve never gone before. Navigate through complex glaciated terrain, learn movement in big mountains, rappel into a couloir: we’ve got a massive arena for learning. Hook up with your friends! Very complicated. Know from experience. Freeride!

Friends with Benefits


We want to shred some impressive lines in the Rockies this spring and we’re looking for that special someone who already has some experience with that kind of thing…if you know what we mean. We’re looking for soul (shred) mates. We’re looking for a friend with (shred) benefits!

Current Events

STAY CURRENT! We see a need to bring the best possible learning arena for the Activityist in all of us.  Just because your not a professional in the snow industry doest mean you can’t have access to the best hands on educational opportunities.  Each event has something for everyone taught by top industry professionals.

Oct 14 – Choose Your Own Adventure

Oct. 11-13

Our first event of the season is the shred dog get-together (with industry professionals). This is the the best get together out there to get us all prepped for a big year.  Avalanche Ranch, Glacier travel techniques and worst case scenarios – This is the get-together, to “get it” before we “get after it” – got it? Good. Low five.

Oct 18 – Will You Go Out With Me?

Oct. 18 – Banff Whyte Museum 


We all know we rely on our partners when we hit up the backcountry. But are you doing everything you can to be that partner that everyone wants to go out with?

What Ability Level are You!?

If you’re coming to hang in our backyard, we want to make sure you see the best of it. In order to do so, we’ve got to get to know you better so that we can maximize our time together. Whether you’re rolling solo, coming as a group or checking out a camp, pick the description that best describes your ability so that we can get a vibe for your scene and get you into a zone that suits you.


You’re physically fit – some might even call you an athlete – but you’re new to the world of backcountry travel. You want to start putting some numbers on the board: full days of touring to build experience and gain confidence. Black diamond inbounds terrain is your bread and butter.


You’ve taken an AST 1 course and/or have been guided in the backcountry before by a) your mom/dad b) your friend or c) a guide (sweet, if all three characteristics describe one person). You are proficient and capable with mountain travel, IE: you know that a kick turn is not just a dance move. However, you have limited experience in complex big mountain terrain, but are starting to shake that shaka bra wrist a little faster, ready for full days of adventures to start. Any inbounds terrain, any snow conditions, you’re handling it (like a boss).


So, you’re fit, and you identify as such. You’re looking for a faster pace and more vertical on your days of ski touring. You own the gear, the equipment, and you’ve got…dun dun dun…TECH BINDINGS. Ice axes, crampons, roping up on a glacier, you know what’s going on – but you’re not sure if you should call yourself a “pro.” Humility is good, but you can ski any terrain, and make it look good.


You’ve got years of backcountry touring in complex terrain under your belt, and when it’s time to get out there, there’s no time to waste. You’re here to send it and you want to know where and how (there is a sense of urgency here, but you’re smart enough to know that you still have to listen to and respect conditions). You can rappel into couloirs and put in 10,000+ ft days – why? More dangle, the higher the angle. You have a credible level of avalanche training (or equivalent number of years of mountain travel) and are more-than-proficient with technical equipment: ice axe, crampons, roping up on a glacier.

 **Every once in a while you have a tiny bit of an ego, but you know how to manage it, because you’ve had enough experience in the mountains to know that ego won’t get you very far.


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