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April 13th –16th, 2017

You need this more than you know.

There are friends, there are solid friends, and there are like…those really good friends… with benefits. An opportunity to get to know a friend “like that” doesn’t happen all the time. When conditions are on to send it, that special someone isn’t necessary available, or maybe you haven’t even had that opportunity to find that special someone. It’s so hard to meet someone these days that you feel stoked and safe with (in the mountains).*sigh*

Well, we want to take our friendship to the next level. We want to tackle some impressive lines in the Rockies this spring and we’re looking for some special someone(s) to join us. We’ve only got four days so there’s no time for foreplay. We’re looking for a group that we can trust when things get real and maybe even awkward; folks that have previous experience in this sort of thing. From navigating through complex glaciated terrain and decision-making in big mountains to rappelling into a couloir, you’ll be learning from the pros (at this sort of thing). They’re also fun as hell: the perfect types to have as a friend with benefit – ski touring benefits, that is.

Note: The big difference between “How to Hook Up with Your Friends” and “Friends with Benefits” is one full day dedicated to hands-on rope work with glacier travel, including self and companion crevasse rescue. Hella play.

Cost: $995

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