October 12th & 13th 2018

“Bringing the industry’s top professionals together for pre-season prep.”


Panel Discussion: Backcountry skiing is trendy…now what?

October 12, Evening

Where: Globe Theatre, downtown Calgary


Together with MTN Guiding and Ca-Pow, the FRESHtival crew is holding a roundtable discussion about where skiing is and where it is (or should be) heading. Finally, professional skiers will sound like they know what they’re talking about.

In recent years, backcountry skiing has exploded. Ski movies sell the dream and average skiers are buying it. What does this mean for the industry; from gear manufacturers to ski media to rescuers? Join us for this free panel discussion between Grant Helgeson, Chris Rubens, Marty Schaffer and others, where we can hear professional opinions, arguments, chirping, and provide a platform where skiers can have their questions answered and voices heard. How PROGRESSIVE


Backcountry Skills Clinics: Choose Your Own Adventure

Oct 14, 11 am – 4:30 pm

Where: The Gear Shop – 2501 Alyth Road SE, Calgary, AB


Brush off the summer dust and get in tip-top shape for the winter! We’ve got clinics running all day, so pop in for one or come for the whole darn thing. In a fun and inviting atmosphere, you can get educated on the latest techniques of mountain life TM, and dive into the technical bits of rope and avalanche rescue systems.


The day will become progressively more technical, so if you’re a beginner, be there at 11 am, if you’re an intermediate, show up at noon, and if you’re a pro, roll in at 2 pm – attitude checked.

Avalanche Ranch with BACKCOUNTRY ACCESS – Avalanche rescue systems.
How To Hook Up With Your Friends with PETZL – Glacier travel, rescue and rope techniques.
Worst Case Ontario with Alpine Threadworks and K2 Skis– General know-how to set yourself up for success out there.


11-11:30 Avalanche 101, sponsored by BCA
Learn how to use your avalanche gear. Shovel, beacon, probe. It’s as straightforward as meeting the parents.

12-12:30 Gear Up, Fear Down
Learn what professional skiers carry in their packs and how they manage their gear. Hosted by Chris Rubens and Eric Hjoirleifson.

11:30-12:30pm Tie Up Your Loved Ones, sponsored by Petzl
What type of rope, how to divide the rope, how to attach yourself to the rope: the fundamentals of glacier travel are very sexy.

12-12:30 Balloon Packs, sponsored by BCA
Don’t be the guy at the tradeshow that knocks himself out during the demo. Come learn how to use these damned things.

12:30 – 1pm Classic Buddy, sponsored by Alpine Threadworks and K2
When the buddy that you knew would get hurt, does get hurt, do you know how to get him / her out of the backcountry? Learn how to use your personal gear to build a toboggan and see what a pro carries on a daily basis to make this process smooth.

1pm – 2pm First Aid Kit 101
Must-haves for winter 2017/18. Don’t be seen without.

2:30-3:30 Get That Ass Up
So you’ve gone and fallen into a crevasse. *eye roll* Now what?

3:30-4:30 Go-Go Petzl Gadgets, sponsored by Petzl
Learn the game-changers. Be the change you want to see in the world. Et cetera.


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