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Beyond experience, certification and passion, Capow! guides are a leaders of a growing community; a community that believes in sharing specialized mountain travel knowledge with recreational enthusiasts.

There is an inherent danger in “figuring it out with your friends” and Capow! guides are professionals with a shared goal: to teach the effective use of backcountry equipment, efficient mountain travel and safe decision-making in the elements – and have a really, really good time.


We’re the “local surf shop.” There is no crew that knows the terrain in and around these parts like the Caposse does. We make sure our guests don’t waste a minute of their time trying to figure out where to go, and how to go there.

Our unofficial HQ is Blanket Glacier Chalet, the Schaffer family owned and operated backcountry lodge located in the Monashees – an easy five minute heli buzz from Revelstoke. “The Blanket,” as its regulars call it, is based in the most magical zone in the area: if a Dr. Seuss could dream up a ski tenure, this would be it. We call the chalet the “eh-frame,” because Canada, and word play.

Based in Revelstoke, shredding the nation, servicing the greater good: this is our backyard, let us show you where to play in it.


Capow! guides bring their own positive energy and all-round good vibes to address and tackle the uncertainties and hazards that present themselves in remote backcountry settings. They have two very important things: 1. Personality, and 2. Your Back. A Capow! guide’s approach is more than “I lead, you follow,” instead, they engage their guests to set them up for success when they head out on their own.

We tailor to any ability: strong skiers are going to tackle objectives through mentorship, newer skiers are going to differentiate walk-mode from ow-mode.

At the end of the day, the Caposse! is a bunch of buds who became industry pros and teamed up to get you and your planks out there with them and theirs.


Let us get to know you so we hook it up right!

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